Company: ConnXus has 25 employees and is headquartered in Mason, OH.
Founder: Rod Robinson
Business: SaaS model revolutionizing supplier diversity by making it easy and affordable for enterprise clients – including McDonalds, Kaiser and Harley-Davidson – to better manage, expand and implement supplier diversity programs to ensure more contract opportunities for minority, women, veteran and LGBT owned businesses.
Website: www.connxus.com



Company: Mayvenn has 50 employees and is headquartered in Richmond, CA.
Co-founders: Diishan Imira and Taylor Wang
Business: E-commerce platform empowering thousands of independent hair stylists, majority solopreneurs, to be direct sellers of products by opening and operating their own online storefront. Mayvenn stylists are generating up to 40% more client revenue without having to buy or manage inventory.
Website: www.mayvenn.com


Company: Schoolzilla has 55 employees and is headquartered in Oakland, CA.
Founder: Lynzi Ziegenhagen
Business: SaaS model transforming the way schools work by organizing and putting actionable instructional and managerial data at the fingertips of teachers and school leaders. Schoolzilla is saving users time and enabling them to focus on improving the learning outcomes of more than 1 million students, two-thirds of which come from low income families.
Website: www.schoolzilla.org


Company: PawnGuru is headquartered in Detroit, MI.
Founders: Jonathan Polter and David Stiebel
Business: FinTech platform bringing operating efficiencies to the pawn shop industry and providing consumers with pricing transparency and other information they need to make more educated financial decisions. Pawn shops have served as a community-based banking model for over 3,000 years.
Website: www.pawnguru.com


Hand-Up-logo-300x150pxCompany: HandUp has 6 Employees and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.
Founders: Rose Broome
Business: A public benefit corporation that uses technology to procure, manage, and distribute charitable funds to support the basic needs of homeless individuals and other low-income people. The platform lets anyone donate directly to a person in need in their own community online or with physical gift cards. 100% of donations are redeemed through a trusted network of nonprofit partners across the US.
Website: www.handup.org


ROHOCompany: ROHO is headquartered in New York, NY.
Founders: Nicholas Richards
Business: ROHO is a platform for on-demand religious content and digitized experiences, allowing individuals to connect deeply with motivational sermons and spiritual expression no matter where they are.
Website: www.roho.io


ROHOCompany: Camino Financial is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.
Co-Founders: Sean Salas and Kenny Salas
Business: Camino Financial is a online lending platform that provides affordable, timely, and simple access to growth capital for untapped segments of the small business market.
Website: www.caminofinancial.com


CEEK VRCompany: CEEK VR is headquartered in Miami Beach, FL.
Founder: Mary Spio
Business: CEEK VR is a virtual reality platform for accessing fully immersive social experiences, events, entertainment, and learning. In addition to developing award winning social virtual and augmented reality content, CEEK’s virtual reality content creation and management system allows content creators the ability to distribute and monetize their digital assets in a completely immersive virtual environment.
Website: www.ceek.com


Super HeroicCompany: Super Heroic is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.
Co-Founders: Jason Mayden and Harshal Sisodia
Business: Super Heroic is a kids footwear and apparel brand with a high-tech focus on facilitating play, imagination, and movement. At the heart the brand is the Super Heroic app that allows kids and families to find new activities, discover and rate playgrounds, take part in healthy challenges, and accurately measure kids’ feet for accurate, algorithm-based shoe sizing.
Website: www.superheroic.com