We launched Impact America Fund in 2014 with an audacious plan and incredible supporters.

We have a diverse portfolio of companies that cut across industries and business models. The common thread: founders, technologies, and businesses with impact at their core.

We make early-stage investments in entrepreneurs who are using technology to broaden the path to economic opportunity in America. Our sweet spot is working with companies at the post-seed, pre-series A stage and serving as a cultural and capital bridge to later-stage investments from larger funds.

Mason, OH

Global supplier management software and solutions

Enables large corporations to build sustainable, inclusive, and risk-compliant supply chains

Oakland, CA

Platform for independent hairstylists to sell products directly to their clients

Grows the income and economic participation of independent hairstylists without having to manage inventory

Oakland, CA

Data analytics platform for schools and school districts

Surfaces actionable, data-backed insights that incorporate a gender and racial equity lens to drive meaningfully better student outcomes

Southfield, MI

Marketplace and data platform for pawn shops and consumers

Drives transparency and fairer negotiations for the millions who use pawn shops for credit and cash

San Francisco, CA

Online direct giving platform serving the homeless and at-risk

Connects nonprofit human service organizations with the resources to support basic client need

Camino Financial
Los Angeles, CA

Credit marketplace that connects small businesses with affordable loans

Catalyzes business and jobs growth in underserved, primarily Latinx communities, via accessible and ethical lending

Ceek VR
Sacramento, CA

Leading V/AR platform for immersive entertainment, education, and sports experiences

Broadens accessibility of emerging V/AR tech and learning at an affordable price point

Super Heroic
Palo Alto, CA

Designer and manufacturer of kids footwear designed to promote health and play

Encourages creative play, discovery, and imagination

Austin, TX

Virtual assistant and student services platform that supports post-secondary student retention

Seamlessly connects students with the campus resources that increase engagement and persistence