Fellows, Summer 2016

Gloria Bates


Gloria Bates, Fellow, Impact America Fund Summer 2017Gloria is a first-year undergraduate student at Claremont McKenna College, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in business. Gloria utilizes her versatility and capacity for careful scrutiny in order to distinguish companies that are optimized for high-potential, for-profit, and actively contributing to mitigate social issues.

Gloria plans to use her secondary education in order to work as a plant manager for reputable food companies, as well as an advocate for food justice, before working ultimately with or under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Before graduation, Gloria had already worked with Dr. Richard Kanner at Newport Scientific Inc., who, at the time, used quantitative analysis to help electronic cigarettes companies identify and find safe, reliable ingredients from various, small-scale online vendors. She also collected data in order to test and monitor a new nitrogen generator that he had built, and prepared documentation for a new toxicology lab.

Gloria grew up in Anaheim, CA, and is a STEM-endorsed Honored Scholar graduate from Orange Lutheran High School.